Best non-album Morrissey and Smiths bootleg albums? Worst studio boots?

What do you feel are some of the best bootleg live recordings of Moz and The Smiths in terms of packaging* and fidelity?

How about compilations of rarities/B-sides/unreleased stuff? What boots reproduce these recordings most faithfully, assuming thy can be heard in more places than one? What are the most unique collections (because the Hacienda gig has been released a thousand times already)?

I only request that exclude bootlegs copies of official albums that had a proper release prior to having boots made.

Alternately, what are some of the worst bootleg copies of officially-released albums in terms of fidelity and packaging you've encountered?

Reasons for your choices are also appreciated.

*I mean more in terms of physical packaging, not artwork... PLEASE, feel free to share the ugliest bootleg artwork you've seen though (studio album boots okay for that). :)
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That's a whole lot of questions, and some of them would need long answers. Some answers here:

Nowadays you'll find less than a handful of manufactured bootlegs featuring the best available recording or transfer of a concert. The digital age of music has rendered manufactured bootlegs obsolete. Most of the bootlegs that were considered among the best 15 years ago have now been superseded by the leaking of the master recordings which are often more complete or sound better as there is no tape in the lineage. There are a few exceptions to this, like "Thank Your Lucky Stars" for example. But even that one will one day be superseded when someone decides to leak the full unedited recording from which it was produced.

As far as I'm concerned I care zero for the packaging if it has nothing to do with Morrissey. I'd rather have a great sounding bootleg than a good looking one. But I know I'm in the minority here...



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and we should compile this list for you why?
Because this is a Morrissey forum and probably the best place to ask like minded individuals, if you can' t or feel you don t want to help the kid with his enquiry,that's fine move on, don't be a cock.
Because this is a Morrissey forum and probably the best place to ask like minded individuals, if you can' t or feel you don t want to help the kid with his enquiry,that's fine move on, don't be a cock.

Pretty much, yeah.

And the artwork question is irrelevant to content, I just like bad album covers... You can think an album cover's completely ghastly and still not be above owning the record. In fact, I have bought quite a few records in my day based on terrible cover art alone.

Also, the bootlegs don't have to be recent... in fact, I realize the current day situation and therefore didn't expect many of them to be. The fact of the matter is this: I don't care for online leaks. I'm a record collector (as shameful as that may be), not a file collector, you see... I'd be glad to hear them if a HQ leak were to become available, but it's not really what I was asking is all.

All I asked about were your opinions, not a lot of snarky BS. Frankly, it was more out of innocent curiosity than anything (and yeah, as crazy as it must seem, I really thought this would be one of few places there'd be some enthusiasm and interest in babbling endlessly on the subject). I'm still likely to buy any record I can afford as long as it's not a CD-r boot (gross), regardless of how much people say it sucks or not if I want it...
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PS: You can blame all those recent General Discussion threads for my interest in the subject, BTW... It's not like I am looking for someone to provide me a convenient list of something as subjective as "all the right bootlegs I should be getting"... I can only assume that's what you must be thinking based on the otherwise-inexplicable c***iness of your post, sdsuedehead... Don't be so paranoid f my non-existent motives for anything... I can't afford to buy them anyway!
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