Best venues to see Morrissey

I think Morrissey deserves an intimate venue with few people, but then again, how do you satisfy such a massive fanbase with small gigs - he'd be touring consistently if he did that.... so...

Where do you think he has played at his best......
Where would you like him to play (no, not in your livingroom/bedroom - a real venue)
Played his best concert in Motherwell Civic Centre (Civic Amenity Centre for a small town near Glasgow)

Would like him to play Glasgow's ABC (now an O2 venue) - quite intimate but big enough so as you don't die of heat exhaustion after bouncing around for a while.


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Hi Pete Murphy

Anyway Salisbury this year was a top Morrissey gig due to the venue's intimacy. The RAH wasn't. Birthday gig was good but not great and Brixton 2nd night was better than I anticipated but thats cos I was stood next to Louis Theroux.

Best venues I've seen him are the smaller places where you've made the effort to travel to.

Blackpool Winter Gardens 2004 on a Saturday night was probably the epitome of that

Lille 2008 was a good un too


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Sheffield City Hall for me as well. We have seen him twice there, this year and 2006 and both concerts have been amazing.

Smaller venues seem to have better fans than the arenas that just seem to attract yobs to see him sadly.


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I'd have to agree with Bluebirds that Blackpool Empress Ballroom was great. This year both Barrowlands nights were something else (plus lovely blokes in the crowd looking after me all night and making sure someone as short as me could see).

For choice I would have wanted to see him play the Bowery (cracking venue) but for somewhere smaller in the UK - The Assembly in Leamington would be brilliant.


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Salisbury city hall


Great Yarmouth Britannia Pier if only for the ice cream seller at the interval and the sea breeze flapping about your extremities whilst you queue in the force ten gales.:thumb:


Read it and weep.......GLASGOW BARROWLANDS!! Even matt Walker was blown away and is quoted as saying it's the best venue he's ever played!! The place is a temple for any gig!!


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It was sooo cold in the queue for the Great Yarmouth gig.

Of the gigs that I caught in England, Hartlepool had a very intimate setting.

I wish he didn't get sick and canceled Salisbury.


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I've seen Moz a fair few times times and for me nothing comes close to the Glasgow Barrowlands...Stirling Albert Hall was pretty excellent too since its kind of intimate.
Although he has mentioned it on stage a couple of times he has never played Falkirk on his tours of small towns - for personal reasons i would love that sometime....
Somewhere in italy would be lovely too - the Amphitheatre gig mentioned by Walkers Crisp above sounds amazing.
Any gig at Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom is a fine gig.....

Someone should compile a list of our requests (living rooms omitted unless they're mine) and send it to him!

Or maybe a list of places to avoid would be better, but i have to say, no matter where he plays, i'm still grateful to see/hear the live performance. It's the crowd that make the atmosphere after all!


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Hall for Cornwall.
barrowlands morrissey live
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