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Now The Magnificent Five....

We lost one of the angelic upstarts today. Keith was one of the originals of us that followed Morrissey from his arrival here in American. Doing bulks of shows with passion and wide eyed wonder, he always presented kind and gentle, always being happy to step forward into the background. Morrissey himself urging Keith to "Be More Bold" on a not so hidden message on a sleeve he singed. We lost contact after the Arsenal Tour, but he is like a bookmark in my mind when I peel back the pages of my Morrissey travels in the early days. His death as almost everyone's, conjures up your own mortality. These were memorable times with Keith and the gang. May Keith find peace and rest in the next world.....

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This radish kills fascists.
Grant Imahara: Mythbusters TV host dies suddenly at 49
My kids went through a 'Mythbusters' phase a few years ago and I reckon I've seen most episodes, along with the spin-off series 'White Rabbit Project.' He also made models for movie special effects, which I don't think I knew. He died of a brain aneurysm apparently. Way too young.

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This is incredibly sad. There are no words I can't imagine how Lisa Marie feels losing a child is the worst pain ever.

Lisa Marie Presley has lost so many her beloved father Elvis Presley when she was only 9 in 1977. Her ex-husband Michael Jackson in 2009.

I remember seeing an interview Lisa Marie did where she said after her Dad Elvis died in 1977 she kept losing people. Lisa lost her paternal grandfather Vernon Presley, her paternal great grandmother Minnie Mae Presley ("Dodger"), her paternal Aunt Delta and so on. Priscilla lost her stepfather not that long ago he must of been like a grandfather to Lisa.

I'm worried about Lisa Marie her only son Benjamin was the apple of her eye. Lisa has also just lost her friend Kelly Preston.

I think Lisa Marie left Scientology a few years ago. Lisa Marie Presley is an incredibly strong woman.

Famous when dead

RIP. Another loss to music.
Peter was an exceptional guitar player.
The whole growing his nails thing and his battle with MH thankfully gave way to a happier later life.
His influence on the blues scene was immense.
RIP Regis.
Died age 88.
Broadcasting icon.
I loved seeing Rickles give him hell.

While startin' out as a young reporter in San Diego, Regis interviewed Don Rickles for the first time.
This lead to a long lastin' friendship and many more workin' moments.


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