Book of Condolence Thread

RIP to the "Wacko From Waco", Billy Joe Shaver.
After all these years of bein' a outlaw, now Billy Joe is restin' well.

I’m listenin' to Billy Joe Shaver
And I’m reading James Joyce
Some people they tell me
I got the blood of the land in my voice
- Bob Dylan


Famous when dead


RIP Nobby Stiles

"A key member of England's 1966 World Cup-winning team, has died aged 78 after a long illness."


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Ach. 🙁

It was the early 1990s and Friday night watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway" was the highlight of my miserable unemployed week. If John wasn't on it I would be bitterly disappointed. The chemistry between him and Jose was wonderful. John was slightly camp, but so articulate. His impression of D H Lawrence has stayed with me for years. John went on to voice DH Lollipop on some BBC comedy. Quite simply his humor was my humor. He made me laugh. Lots.
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