My eyes are now open
Now for the record I don't agree with Pat on quite a few things but he does have an original style.
Saying that,he does articulate some of my views here.
Not necessarily all of the offensive terms expressed.



Just read there's a crowdfunding effort to prosecute the leave campaigne leaders for lying. That seems like such a waste of money and time as its gotta have a high bar for prosecution. How will they prove people lied and didn't just mis state facts


Well I'm old enough to remember.
The Tories took Britain in without a vote in 1973.
Not even a manifesto pledge.
Labour had a referendum to stay in or get out under Labour in 1975.
The in vote won by a good maj of those that voted.
The biggest give of power which started the EU political integration rather than the Common market as it was known,was the maastricht treaty signed by Tories in 1992.
The government got some opt outs the biggest being the non inclusion of joining the Euro currency.
Followed by the Amsterdam treaty in 1997(New Labour)and the Nice Treaty in 2001(New Labour)
Then the Lisbon Treaty in 2007 again New Labour.
It's important to remember the result of this latest Referendum is NOT legally binding.
But I can't see any Government not even the Tories going against an out vote.
I myself are still undecided.
The fear campaign ran by the Tories cuts no ice with me.
Getting democratic control appeals to me.
My political hero Tony Benn(god rest him)Always warned against the political union of Europe for years.

But and it's a big but.
I'm nearly 60 so it's the future generations is who it's going to effect more.
I've no doubt the economy will take a hit.
But no more that the crisis caused by the greedy bastards in society in 2008.
Not sure I should be deciding for the young.
But I have a vote and will use it. you really believe you deserve more easy living than you've had? Your legacy will be the criminally neglectful nursing home and The Daily Mail to peruse in the communal lounge.
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