Coincidentally meeting Geoff Travis


It's hard to believe, but until yesterday I didn't have a CD copy of Hatful of Hollow - I bought the cassette on the day of release in Woolies mind you and had a Tough Trade vinyl copy. Anyway, I recently bought some of the Smiths CDs in HMV at bargain prices but they didn't have HoH; therefore I went to my local independent store (Banquet Records) and asked them to order a remasterd CD for me.

They phoned to say 'your vinyl has arrived' so I had to put them straight on that one. A week later another call to say the CD is ready for collection. Left work early to go to the shop only to find that no customers were allowed in as they were setting up for an in-store. Anyway, I plead that I made a special journey so could I please have my CD? They oblige and when I get my CD I ask whether the guy inspecting the CD racks in the background in Geoff Travis. They say 'yes'. I said 'maybe I could get my CD signed?'. 'I should think so - quick in and out though' they reply. So I nip in and interrupt a conversation. Geoff asks my name, writes "you have good taste" and mentions that the boys from Palma Violets met Johnny the night before which was nice for them. You don't get that sort of experience buying from Amazon, eh?!
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