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this came up recently in another thread- who here has created custom compilations from Moz' catalogue, particularly when it comes to the non-album material?

ive recently been trying to reconstruct mine. still working on the Viva Hate/Bona Drag era, but ithink ive got everything else mostly sorted away. here goes:

My Love Life: Kill Uncle/Your Arsenal era

Pashernate Love
Journalists Who Lie
Born To Hang
There Speaks A True Friend
Fantastic Bird
Pregnant For The Last Time
Let The Right One Slip In
Trash (live)
Cosmic Dancer (live)
The Loop
Skin Storm
Jack The Ripper
That's Entertainment
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (UK version)
You've Had Her
My Love Live (UK version)

Whatever Happens, I Love You: Vauxhall And I/The World Of Morrissey/Southpaw Grammar era

Whatever Happens, I Love You
Have-A-Go Merchant
Honey, You Know Where To Find Me
A Swallow On My Neck
You Must Please Remember
Interlude (extended with Siouxsie Sioux)
I'd Love To (UK version)
Nobody Loves Us
Black-Eyed Susan
You Should Have Been Nice To Me
Moonriver (extended)

This Is Not Your Country EP: Maladjusted era

Satan Rejected My Soul (live)
Heir Apparent
Now I Am A Was
I Can Have Both
This Is Not Your Country
The Edges Are No Longer Parallel

The Never-Played Symphonies: You Are The Quarry era

My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small
Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
Munich Air Disaster, 1958
I Am Two People
I'm Playing Easy To Get (radio session)
Redondo Beach (radio session)
Noise Is The Best Revenge (radio session)
Teenage Dad On His Estate
Slum Mums
Friday Mourning
The Public Image
The Never-Played Symphonies
No One Can Hold A Candle To You

If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me: Ringleader Of The Tormentors/Years Of Refusal era

Human Being
Good Looking Man About Town
I Knew I Was Next
If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me
Children In Pieces
Shame Is The Name
Christian Dior
Because Of My Poor Education
My Dearest Love
A Song From Under The Flooboards
Drive-In Saturday (live)

thoughts? suggestions? other tracklistings you've come up with?
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