David Bowie - Singles Collection (1993-2003) FLAC

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David Bowie - Singles Collection (1993-2003) FLAC
EAC rip | 10CD | FLAC - Log - Cue | Full Scans | Release: 1993-2003 | 1,22 GB
Genre: Rock, Art-Rock, Pop | Label: Arista Records, BMG

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A collection of a some David Bowie's singles from the 1993-2003 period. Includes Black Tie White Noise, Miracle Goodnight, The Buddha Of Suburbia, Hallo Spaceboy, Thursday's Child, Survive, Slow Burn, and Never Get Old.

The cliche about David Bowie says he's a musical chameleon, adapting himself according to fashion and trends. While such a criticism is too glib, there's no denying that Bowie demonstrated remarkable skill for perceiving musical trends at his peak in the '70s...

Bowie returned to a solo career in 1993 with the sophisticated, soulful Black Tie White Noise, recording the album with Nile Rodgers and his now-permanent collaborator, Reeves Gabrels. The album was released on Savage, a subsidiary of RCA, and received positive reviews, but his new label went bankrupt shortly after its release, and the album disappeared. Black Tie White Noise was the first indication that Bowie was trying hard to resuscitate his career, as was the largely instrumental 1994 soundtrack The Buddha of Suburbia. In 1995, he reunited with Brian Eno for the wildly hyped, industrial rock-tinged Outside. Several critics hailed the album as a comeback, and Bowie supported it with a co-headlining tour with Nine Inch Nails in order to snag a younger, alternative audience, but his gambit failed; audiences left before Bowie's performance and Outside disappeared. He quickly returned to the studio in 1996, recording Earthling, an album heavily influenced by techno and drum'n'bass. Upon its early 1997 release, Earthling received generally positive reviews, yet the album failed to gain an audience, and many techno purists criticized Bowie for allegedly exploiting their subculture. hours... followed in 1999. For 2002, Bowie reunited with producerToni Visconti and released Heathen to very positive reviews. He continued on with Visconti for Reality in 2003.


David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise (CDS 1993)

01. Black Tie White Noise (Radio Edit)
02. Black Tie White Noise (Extended Remix)
03. Black Tie White Noise (Urban Mix)
04. You've Been Around (Dangers Remix)

David Bowie - Miracle Goodnight (CDS 1993)

01. Miracle Goodnight (Album Version)
02. Miracle Goodnight (12" 2 Chord Philly Mix)
03. Miracle Goodnight (Maserati Blunted Dub)
04. Looking For Lester (Album Version)

David Bowie - The Buddha Of Suburbia (CDS 1993)

01. Buddha Of Suburbia
02. South Horizon
03. Dead Against It
04. Buddha Of Suburbia (Rock Mix)

David Bowie - Hallo Spaceboy (CDS 1996)

01. Hallo Spaceboy (Remix)
02. Under Pressure (Live Version)
03. Moonage Daydream (Live Version)
04. The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Radio Edit)

David Bowie - Thursday's Child (CDS 1999)

01. Thursday's Child (Radio Edit)
02. We All Go Through
03. No One Calls

David Bowie - Thursday's Child (CDS 1999)

01. Thursday's Child (Rock Mix)
02. We Shall All Go To Town
03. 1917

David Bowie - Survive (CDS 2000)

01. Survive (Marius de Vries Mix)
02. Survive (Album Version)
03. Thursday Child (Live)
04. Seven (Live)

David Bowie - Survive (CDS 2000)

01. Survive (Live)
02. Thursday's Child (Live)
03. Seven (Live)

David Bowie - Slow Burn (CDS 2002)

01. Slow Burn
02. Wood Jackson
03. Shadow Man

David Bowie - Never Get Old (CDS 2003)

01. Never Get Old
02. Love Missile F1-11



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