dear women (a web soap opera at it's finest)


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Another question: what is a flick?


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I'm writing this to say
In a gentle way
Thank you but no... ;)
You do realise that wink makes what you said null and void, I'm actually well within the law now.

I know :( If only I had a webcam... I could set up a cam site and give a discount to Solo members (maybe even free minutes!).

I should get free minutes, I mean...who's the one turning you on around here?


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Re: dear women

Thank you...


Oh my god. it's Robby!

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Re: dear women

you guys are awesome, ive had a long hot shower, a 'good cry' and feel better now
thx, now i got a bus to catch*

*=dude, get a f*ckin car, chicks dig guys with wheels, remember?


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Dear Robby.The only way to avoid having your heart ripped to shreds is to hole yourself up in a darkened room and listen to The Smiths.And get a cat.Or a dog.

Ben Budd

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Re: dear women

why would he want to do something as repugnant as listen to The Smiths?
!amber alert bb & scarlet 4 eva did not shoot the deputy dr. phil! where r u? drama queen i shot the sheriff i'm getting wet leminated pics omg omg omg omg people's pain is funny pool-safe robby is a cheater she can't walk the walk smiths fan seeks erection the lulz
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