Debts that kill

Do you owe money

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Just rang the Centrelink (Australian for social welfare) office
to find out that I still owe them $180, which
means I can't get a bloody loan for another nine months.......
So pissed off. I can barely afford to eat.
Looking for a miracle.........grrrr
It's not easy being a single mum

Is it such a bad thing that you cannot get a loan? There is a lot to be said for living within your means. In your case I would hazard a guess that the problem is that your means don't meet your needs/wants? The answer can never be to borrow more, but to either look at increasing your income or limiting your expenditure. Loans always have to be repaid. I know that this may sound a bit cold and dispassionate, but this is what I would be thinking if I was in a financial situation as you suggest - I'd rather eat boiled potato and carrots for a month than take on a loan. :)
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