DL Morrissey - Out With The Old In With The New Blackburn 11 May 2006 320k


I'm Not Sorry
this one made it onto ebay in 2006. ok recording but not worth buying.
RLOTT Tour “Out With The Old In With The New” + S.E.M. Record Number 190
King Georges Hall, Blackburn, Lancashire, 11th May 2006.
1-Intro 1:55
2-First Of The Gang To Die 3:51
3-Still Ill 4:03
4-You Have Killed Me 3:12
5-The Youngest Was The Most Loved 3:39
6-Reader Meets Author 4:05
7-Let Me Kiss You 4:07
8-The Father Who Must Be Killed 4:10
9-To Me You Are A Work Of Art 5:46
10-Girlfriend In A Coma 2:14
11-Gang lord *Cover art lists track as “I‘m Playing Easy To Get Gang lords & Ghettos“* 5:12
12- At Last I Am Born 4:19
13-I Will See You In Far-Off Places 4:19
14-Life Is Pigsty 8:22
15-I Just Want To See The Boy Happy 3:07
16-In The Future When All’s Well 3:56
17-How Soon Is Now? 5:59
18-Irish Blood English Heart 3:24

audience recording inc. artwork 320k


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