DOES anyone go on the St. Augustines Grammar website?


Andy I.

It is all about the school John Maher/Johnny Marr and Andrew Rourke/Andy Rourke went to. It takes you back to the 1970s when Johnny and Andy were at the school, they were the class of 1975. Old Boys of the school from Friends Reunited go on it to track down their old school pals. The school was built in the 1960s, it was first called St. Augustines Technical/Grammar School and it is an all boys Roman Catholic school. By the time Rourke and Maher went there it was a pure all boys Roman Catholic Grammar they droped the Technical bit to make it posher, more elitist. Rourke and Maher were both Catholic, Mancunian boys with Irish backgrounds who passed the 11-pluss, just like most of the boys who went to the school were and a lot were from working class familys. State Grammar schools were a chance for people with intelligence to go to schools like private/public schools but you don't need any money to go to a Grammar the State pays, or in their case the Roman Catholic Church AND the State pays, so poor or working class kids with intelligence have a chance at a good education. Anyway then the school went comprehensive while Rourke and Maher were there, it was at that time when the govenment were abolishing Secondary Moderns and creating Comprehensives, a lot of Grammars went at that time. St. Augustines Grammar became St.John Plessington comprehensive catholic school. It later became called St. Pauls, but that was after Rourke and Maher had left the school and then the whole school was demolished and it was made into a council estate and allotments. It started off when it was St. Augustines Grammar as quite a posh school, it had a Sixth Form, the boys learnt Latin, they had stappings with a belt and the teachers wore acedemic gowns. St. Augustines Grammar/Technical, to St.Augustines Grammar, to St. John Plessington comprehensive, to St. Pauls, to being demolished and made into a council estate all just from the 1960s to today.
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