Dominic & Doreen Hurley in Today's Guardian Magazine



Each week in the magazine there is an item entitled "We Love Each Other" in which couples describe why they love each other - this week, Dominic and Doreen Hurley (a nice picture of the couple also with Doreen holding the Meat Is Murder Album).

Dominic - "I went to a Smiths night when I was at Uni in Sheffield and saw her there. It was five years after I had been in a coma from a moped accident. I had a head injury and right-side paralysis. I was told I would never walk again. My walking was really bad that night. I knew she'd seen me and I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I looked over expecting the worst, but she smiled the warmest, sweetest smile."

Doreen - "I come from east Germany. At our wedding, we were asked to bring objects symbolic of our love; I had a friend bring over a piece of the Berlin Wall. Dom chose a Smiths record. The lyrics are peculiar - buses crashing into us - but it's beautiful. We joke about it in front of his parents."


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