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I'm calling this band The Jakes (yeah, I know what the definition of jakes is. But reassemble the first letter of each name!)

Stephen Malkmus
J Mascis
Evan Dando
Kim Deal
Andy Ramsay

What a f***ing band!

I reckon I could start a Kickstarter and get that band together! :)

Aubrey McFate

Lonely in Barcelona
voice: Morrissey
guitars: Bernard Butler
the bass guitar: me
the drums: Meg White

The greatest living drummer, in my opinion, is Reni of the Stone Roses, but I would not be able to keep up as a member of the rhythm section if he is the drummer. Keeping things simple and basic, I could likely match Sra. White's drumming. It will probably take me six months to just master the bass parts for "Rusholme Ruffians," "Bigmouth Strikes Again," and other challenging Rourke lines; then another six to learn modified, easy-to-play bass variations of all Morrissey's standard selections for his live repertoire. So Morrissey can use that year to write another novel. Butler will be told in no uncertain terms that he is not to indulge his predilection for grandiose orchestral stylings. He is limited to playing guitar and, if the occasion warrants, harmonium. Nothing else. But I think if you sat him down and said, "you're writing songs for Morrissey," something inside would click, and his former talent would emerge again. He would re-connect with the lonely underweight Smiths-obsessed teenager he once was, and would eke out that sadness and angst. And Morrissey would have respectable music again. There, that's my fantasy.


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voice: Morrissey
guitars: Johnny Marr
the bass guitar: Andy Rourke
the drums: Mike Joyce

Oh hang on...
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