FAO: Magpie



whirly d brought over a brick size parcel of photographs.
we locked ourselves in the ladies lavs and looked through 'em. her teased bangs and my perpetual frown combined with the erm baby fat made us chuckle-(pant) ies aplenty.
this birds heart is filled with love (in a mostly loveless world),
and now i can say i feel no more superior then i did at 17.
if i were a pessimist, then i'd say that it is just that ones memory gets worse, but alas for those of us stood (however reluctantly) on the proverbial plane, that memory just becomes more lucid,and this aint no burden.. the clearer things become they lighter they just are.

so with 9 minutes to go before new years (EST) i send you peace, love and a handful or corn chips

much much love,
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