For Sale Huge Morrissey Leeds Academy Poster

At Last nights gig i managed to get one of the huge promotional posters for the gig. It is in perfect condition and i'm looking to sell.

All offers welcome

will upload actual size and pictures later


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A picture would be nice...

A picture would be nice...


Still trying to work out how to upload a pic to here (not very computer savvy like that)

Unless you PM me your Email address and i'll forward a few pics that i've took of the poster
£15? that any better?

Sorry no. It would have to be worth the sale, as the poster looks stunning up on the wall. I thought this kind of stuff might be worth a lot more than people are offering.

I'd rather keep than sell for a low amount TBH

Hopefully some pics will be put up soon from another user who was interested and said they would for me(I don't know how too)

It measures approx 6ft X 3ft


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Here is a pic of the poster

It is worth more than has been offered so far.

Pre printed on


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I got an idea lets stop playing silly buggers, and tell the lad how much it is.
The thing is i really don't know how much this is worth, if anything. I don't want to say £100 and sound stupid to value it so high, or £30 and value it too low.
well its nowhere near worth 100!

Well it depends how much someone values it at really, thats why im finding it hard to fix a price on it.

I think an ebay auction is the only way i'll be able to gather how much it really is worth
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