Fred D on a date with Paris Hilton last night wearing 'that shirt'



Thats gay. I saw a picture six months ago and he had the same shirt on. Funny how it looks brand new. Nice clevage on ms. hilton though. boing!

Nancy has sweet tits for an old lady

Fred Durst and Paris Hilton are hot!!

I'd do both of them!


Paris Hilton may be a complete slag and pretty thick, but she is far too good looking for that prick

Colleen-Proud Mozzer Supporter & Christian Bale To

Re: Paris Hilton may be a complete slag and pretty thick, but she is far too good looking for that p

Ohh...GOD I AM GETTING SO f***ING SICK OF PARIS HILTON. Both sisters, actually. If you buy Vanity Fair, you get a Georges Marciano spread of her, and her hair is so fake, looks like a wig. She must have started plastic surgery when she was little because there is no way on gods green earth that one can be THAT hot, AND rolling in dough. No way. But she looks like and acts like a complete slut. You know, this reminded me of something. Way back in the day when I managed a B. Dalton bookstore ( don't worry, no one remembers that book chain anyway ) I had hired a really beautiful girl- can't remember her name- but she was really nice and had book experience. She looked like a very young Cindy Crawford. Anyway, (do ya want to hear our story or not? ) We'd be up at the cashwrap, ringing people up, and out of NOWHERE, men would just come up and stare admiringly at her. They'd bring roses and then some would buy Mrs. Fields Cookies for her. Not because she had a great personality, Not because she was a fairly good bookseller, but simply because she was BEAUTIFUL. I'm an attractive woman, but not in that league. Did *I* get perks, noooooooooooo. Anyway, thought the contrasts were interesting. If you're beautiful you can have the world by the ass and if you're ok looking, no one gives you anything but grief. Thank you for reading my diatribe. Fred Durst? He is the one of the ugliest men I can think of, outside of Jack Black.
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