Funniest adverts


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Even though tis not particularly funny i like that advert where the oceans throw all the rubbish humans dump in it back on shore... cant remember which drink promoted it


I love the new one for Yorkshire tea.Where the poor bloke is nagged by his wife so much he goes in the shed to drink tea.:D


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Best ad ever is the Toyota 'Bugger' ad from back home, I'll try and find it :p.


which - i love the pg one :) what a dance with the little puppet monkey and johnny

It's the new ones with John Shuttleworth I am talking about though.So bad it's funny.

I love the Compare The Meerkat ones as well.


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Has anyone seen Vince's (shamwow guy) new advert for the "Slap Chop." GOLDEN :laughing:

Specifically at :55. :lbf:
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