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Greeting to all Mozzers. I am a fan in the San Antonio, Texas area. I don't know if I have done this before, but I am doing a quick introduction. I've been listening to Morrissey since 1999. I've been to atleast 5 shows.. and My favorite Morrissey album of all time is Vaxhaull & I. I also enjoy The Smiths, and my favorite ablum of theirs is Strangeways, Here We Come.

I am a DJ / Musician / Promoter / Music Producer / etc..

I have hosted various Morrissey tribute nights in the Greater San Antonio Area..

I have a solo project called The Musik Box, where I have covered The Smiths - Death of a Disco Dancer.. which you can find here. (uder the PRESS section of page)

I also occasionally do a Joy Division / Bauhaus Tribute band called JoyHaus:

I have DJ residency at the Wax Club on Friday Nights in rotation with other DJs:

I have a facebook page dedicated to my DJ mixes, most of which have Smiths/Morrissey tracks and related artists in the archives:

I am know for my Live Video Footage on youtube and plan on uploading many more Morrissey videos soon:

please check out my projects.. and also, send me messages and I would be happy to chat with you !

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