happy bday corrissey!




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How to wish a happy birthday to Corrissey. First you wish a happy birthday to Corrissey... :D


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Aww...thanks, everyone! :sweet: You've made a happy (wo)man very old!! ;):D

I got a laptop for my birthday! :guitar: I couldn't tell you the last time I got a big gift like that! I guess it pays to have your home pc die on ya. ;)


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Hey girl! Nothing like an animal dressed as a human to wish you a...



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(Haven't seen that but I thought "Corry on Corrissey" would be appropriate today! Many happy returns!:thumb:)


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With Love xoxoxo


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Thanks again, gang. I feel it's my official birthday as I just -spontaneously- had a few drinks with a girlfriend. Granted our kids were with, but whatever :rolleyes: ... good primer to go out tonight!! Imelda May, here I come! :guitar: *wishes I had a quiff like hers*

happy birthday x

speaking as your 'so called' number one fan;) i am allowed to say happybirthday twice!

Oh, thank you, #1 fan!! :D He's not my only cuddly toy that I ever enjoy... ;)


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Wishing a very happy birthday to a lovely person. Hope it's a wonderful day for you. - xx -
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