Happy Easter!


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Happy Easter to all of you, guys!


cornelius blaze

Boychild mustn't tremble!
Scary-Terrifying-Easter-Bunny-11.jpg :p


My secret's my enzyme.

Happy Easter, peeps!

(Don't mess with me in my Pinnochio pajamas. I just wanna be a real boy! :D)


Snapping necks and cashing checks

My mother sent me a card, mini cadbury creme eggs and reese's. It was a very nice surprise. Today is actually my sister's birthday as well. She refuses to acknowledge that it's Easter at all and my family is going to barbecue. Here in Florida we will be dining on a vast cornucopia of typical white people holiday food. I love mashed potatoes and stuff so I'm pretty jazzed.
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My secret's my enzyme.
I love mashed potatos too.
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