Hello all


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Hi all,

I'm Amanda, I'm 31, and I'm a huge Moz fan. :)

Originally I'm from Minnesota.
I work in the marketing industry. I just got back from working in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the past two years at Proctor and Gamble's offices there as a consultant.

I saw Morrissey while I was there last March- and it was an incredible gig. :guitar:

I'm back in the USA.I'm staying with a friend in Texas for the next few weeks-using her computer- but will probably return back north once I get resettled.

I don't know how often I'm going to be online, but I just wanted to say 'hello' in any regard.


My advice. Just use the main page to get news. Stay away from the forums. It’s depressing. You will lose all faith in humanity. Dont say I didn’t warn you.


Run away from this forum and one day if you'll see some fans like those Winos From Wales; Lucettes; Alyssas, Guillaumes, etc, avoid them at any price!

!Viva Hate!

pls scream inside your heart ⚧
Hi. Welcome to what's left of Solo. I posted here regularly for a long time. Huge mistake.
Bunch of f***ing creepy motherf***ers here anymore. For every good one there's ten who are researching everything you have ever done, right now, as we speak.

My advice? Stay away. Listen to the records and enjoy them privately. Pretend it's 1989. f*** the internet.

*Screencaps post*
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