Quando quando quando

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Hey, I'm new here. Big Smiths fan.

Love the Mondays and Stone Roses too.

Me too.
About Mondays and Roses, I won't hold it against you ;)
Could be a nice song title : Mondays and Roses :D

Quando quando quando

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It's a great song title.

Thank you so much billybu69 !
Maybe I have listened so much to The Smiths and Moz getting immersed in the song lyrics that unconsciously I'm being influenced. :rolleyes:

I think Moz many times starts his writing process with a song title and than goes a long.
As Elvis Costello said Moz has the greatest song titles of them all but sometimes seems to forget to write the song. :D

It's more or less he likes to use a hit or miss approach which results sometimes, or many times in really great songs. And sometimes, or many times in a throw-a-way filler. But obviously, I treasure the hit-the-nail-on-the-head-songs.

It's strange in a way cause he seems to be seen as a real control-freak, so you would kind of think this is very contrary to this intuitive approach.
Cheers :thumb:

Quando quando quando

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How about Stoned Mondays, and roses

Stoned Mondays and Needling Roses.
Have a 12 string guitar uptempo and uplifting beat to it and fast playing rhythm, kind of Johnny Marr-esque to contradict the misery in the title and Bob is your uncle. (Thinking about William, William, it was really nothing).
But what about the singing voice? There's only one Moz.
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