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Dylan Jones: 'I'd heard that the 'NME' kingpin Nick Kent knew things about Morrissey that no one else did. And boy, was I right'

Fifteen years ago, he published The Dark Stuff, a collection of his major pieces for the NME, and one of the most important music books of the last 25 years – a book which no pop-culture sponge should be without.

Really? Never heard of the said book.
Nick K*nt, diary of a nobody.

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vaca peluda

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Like what? He prefers raspberry jam to strawberry jam? red wine to white wine? Cheadle instead of Prestwich?

We've all got a history, but some people are just sad enough to dwell on it.
Pfft Nick c***.


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What is the absolute WORST secret that Morrissey could have that some bozo from the NME would know about? :straightface:


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Oh come on, do you really need to call Nick Kent a bozo? The quote on the cover of his book The Dark Stuff is by Morrissey "I could tell you things about Nick Kent that would uncurl the hair in your Afro"...What things Morrissey, please tell!

joe frady

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I don't mind Nick Kent. I like some of his pieces. The Face interview he did with 'Moz' in 1990 ('Walking Backwards into the Nineties' was a perfect summary of him at that point) was interesting. He re-mixed it for 'The Dark Stuff'. And he was hilarious on The South Bank Show; heroin was no excuse for that. :)
But I do mind Islington twunts like Dylan Jones, apologist for Dave Cameron, with an intellect as shallow and shiny as the litany of 'style bibles' he's edited, insinuating something he knows about Morrissey. He should grow a pair or shut up.


Nick Kent was one of my favorite writers back in the days when he wrote Letter From Britain for CREEM, "America's Only Rock and Roll Magazine".


Looks like Nick Kent never fully recovered from that bike chain hit...

vaca peluda

Pissed Aunt Sally
That he bought ''Agadoo'' by Black Lace on 12 inch colour vinyl:lbf:

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One of the blokes that was in Black Lace or maybe he even wrote 'Agadoo' now owns a chippy where I live called 'The Granada Bar'. He's got the gold disc on his wall, or he either bought it on Ebay.

So yeah, 1) Nut him for being in Black Lace and writing Agadoo, and 2) Nut him again for calling a chippy, a 'bar'.
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