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Could anyone please upload some Johnny Marr tunes for me? I'm looking for Johnny on VOCALS. MP3 or similar, something easy.

What I already have is:
Don't think twice it's alright (live and in studio)
Down on the corner
Something to shout about
The last ride
You are the magic

and in poor quality (ripped audio from youtube)
Banging on
In betweens
Long gone
Need it

Thanks in advance! :o
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Here's a live recording of Johnny with The Healers from 2003.

Johnny Marr and the Healers
May 4, 2003
Club Xscape (formerly Bricks... now ''The Venue'')
Salt Lake City, Utah

Long Gone
Caught Up
Down on the Corner
All Out Attack
You are the Magic
In Betweens
Don't Think Twice
Last Ride
Need It
Something To Shout About
Bangin On

The first minute of Don't Think Twice (It's Alright) is Johnny playing (on his twelve string Gibson?) Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. It's gorgeous and wondrous and is worthy of a listen. The irony of his playing that before going into Don't Think Twice isn't lost on me. ;)

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I understand there's a song called "A woman like you". If he sang it, I'd love to have that one too!
Has Johnny ever done any Smiths songs in his own career apart from Meat Is Murder?

Love PTxx.
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