It's in off-topic, but that doesn't mean it's not topical



Ewwwwww, I need mind bleach :(

*dashes to frink thread*
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Re: yuk

Oh, Wozza, what have you done? He's fallen a long way since the days of emptying a full bag onto Fern Britton's kitchen worktop.

Is that 'The Smiths' font original? It looks.. odd (like the capital T and S don't match the rest).
Re: yuk

...I've got a mate on facebook, who is posting all kinds of "Jokes" about AWT and this matter at the moment.....he seems to have forgotten that he himself was sacked for "Dipping the Till" from a bar he used to work in a few years ago....gotta love that Hypocrisy, eh??

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