John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon - a recent interview

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I've always liked "him" more than his music, though I like some of his music.
He appears much more intelligent than the "yob" he is made out to be.

a few excerpts

John Lydon: "I'll tell you what I think"
By David D'Arcy
July 4, 2006 - 4:16 PM PDT


Were you picking up on things that were already in film or television?
Not film or television. It would be the other way around. It would be art imitating life, because there is this nonsense that everyone was going for the Clockwork Orange thing, but that was done before the film. That used to be an Arsenal look - the barber coats, the bowler hats. The only thing that Clockwork Orange, the movie, actually added was the eye mascara, which, by the way, no punk band would wear. It would have been a bit daft. Why waste the money? You could get a black eye for nothing.
Are you a Beckham fan?
You mentioned football and Beckham in the same sentence. Are you mad? No. We're Arsenal. He was ManUnited, and now he's Real Madrid. I think he's quite a brave chappie, really. He does put himself out there. He seems to be alright as a bloke, and he seems to be unaffected, even though his wife is pushing him into the most foo-foo ridiculous costumes, making a mannequin of him somehow. Yet somehow he still has some dignity. Good on him. I just think the game of football in England is too fast for him.
Do you still go to matches, or do you watch them on TV?
You can't get into the stadiums anymore. I'm a season ticket-holder, but I live in America, so my brother uses them. So many real fans can't get into the stadiums anymore. All the tickets are going to the wealthy. You're getting stadiums now full of accountants and their friends. That seems to be the order of it. I know these were all sorts of scams and schemes to eliminate football hooliganism, but the hooligans sorted each other out. If you just left them alone - they weren't running around looking for hapless victims. They had each other. There's an odd unity between these warring fractions. They're connected to each other, and when the battle's over, that's who you hang out with.
What do you think of American soccer?
It's in its early stages, but, my God, you beat England two-nil not long ago, and it shall not be forgotten. I think, Good on you. But please don't try to reduce it to NFL, with a break every twelve minutes for commercials on TV, because you'll kill the game stone-dead. The fun of soccer is that it's a solid 90 minutes - a full all-out. It's about stamina and perseverance and you can finally conquer that. It's a long time to be on a pitch. It's physically demanding. American sport doesn't understand that. It's a long haul, tough man's game. It's like rugby versus American football. These blokes play 90 minutes in the snow. It's not the LA Galaxy.
That's what American football used to be like, playing in the weather - rain or snow.
But then Ronald Reagan made that film, the Notre Dame what's-it that buggered you all up.
How could I forget it? It's tattooed into our consciousness.
And he played second-fiddle to a chimpanzee. That's perfect for president.
Would the Brits vote an actor Prime Minister?
I wouldn't say so in the past, but I think it's highly possible in the future. The world of trivia and gossip magazines has pervaded all. It's reduced standards and values. So, yeah, any old twatch can get in now. It's a free-for-all. If you've got the money, you can buy your way right in to the top. You know how much money it costs to run a presidential campaign here. We all do. That's a billionaire's game.
The mayor of New York spent more than $70 million to get himself elected.
So he can be invited to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see a Johnny Rotten t-shirt. [Laughs] The irony of it. It's superb, isn't it? In a weird way, what goes around comes around. It's payback. Yeah.
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