Johnny Marr interview by Simon Hattenstone in The Guardian; extract from memoir

It's a big, wide-ranging interview and the book extract is revealing. Tons of stuff to interest folk here. Should have it up within an hour or two, when I get back.

**EDIT** Here we go. Don't say I never give you anything. I find the last page the most revealing and interesting.

**FURTHER EDIT** - weblink here...

Johnny Marr: ‘The conversation about re-forming the Smiths came out of the blue' - The Guardian
By Simon Hattenstone
It’s 29 years since the Smiths split up, and founding member Johnny Marr isn’t angry any more. So what happened when he and Morrissey met for a drink?

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I reckon Morrissey and Marr should join forces with Mickey Dolenz (drums) and Peter Tork (bass) and create a Smiths / Monkees hybrid with a 50 / 50 split of each band's songs per concert. They could do a medley of London / Last Train To Clarksville.

You do understand the Monkees part would be considered as replaceable lawnmower parts ?
And were to be replaced immediately by hired names we never heard of?


I sometimes wonder what it's be like if marr got a singer for the messenger. If he still wrote the vocals and lyrics but got someone else to sing it. He writes good songs and think everyone can sing to some degree and while I liked the album the instrumental just clearly overpowers the vocal. Same with Bernard butlers solo records. They just weren't blessed with voices strong enough to do justice to there other talents. I wouldn't want to nessarily see a collaboration in writing but someone just singing his parts might be interesting
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