Johnny Marr on the "Shoplifters" carrier bag and Record Store Day

Johnny Marr:

"...The Smiths put out 'Shoplifters Of The World Unite' in these plastic carrier bags that said "shoplifter" on it as a stylistic joke against HMV, really, but that ended up putting that record in the red, and there was quite a few things that happened like that..."

from: Johnny Marr - Record Store Day Is A Celebration - Johnny Marr's official web blog
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Forever Ill
Johnny's name in the musicmedia got a boost past year,
being in different news/media shows/parties and intervieuws
has done him good, I hope musicly he will do more than being
a member of the The Cribs/Modest Mouse ?

Marr definately still got the potential to produce/write/make
a good or class song.

x my fingers if the 2 would do anything, even joinng 1 song
on a gig, shoplifers would be awesome:thumb:
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