Julie Burchill article from 1994




2 years back my brother-in-law went from the sweetest, strongest man I ever knew to gone, by his own hand, via 3 weeks of mental turmoil. I'm still trying, everyday, to hold the shattered pieces of my sister together.
While everything that my mum was is being slowly stripped away by dementia.

Spinning plates, etc.

Life can turn on a pin-head. In a heartbeat.

Who's running the goddam show? No-one. Or someone with a sick sense of humour.

Love is the only thing that lasts.

ive never had anyone close to me kill themselves but my wifes had a lot of family members take the act while ive known her and i just had no idea what to do and still dont. no one as close as her husband, mostly uncles cousins, but its horrifying to feel helpless and soul killing to not be able really be able to fix them. anything i can do for you which doesnt seem much yet us know. i hope shes able to feel/function better. im struggling in a way to express my feelings of empathy to you but i dont know if there are words. or at least i dont own them
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