Kill Uncle appreciation thread

Oh my

Enough! or Too much
Is it tight up there in Morrissey’s bum hole? Say hi to thewlis & ketamine sun for me.

You are convinced that I have some sort of interest in you... Or that I follow you through the forum as to troll you. The only interaction we have is when I post and you quote me and write something absolutely unrelated to anything.

Morrissey's bum hole????

I will send your salutations to Ketamine. I don't remember who is thewill.

Oh my

Enough! or Too much
Don’t know. Though I do believe that ordinaryboy86 would give it a 10/10,
considering he has still sealed copies of it on every f***ing format.


I am beginning to think that he is also the kind of boy who collects Star Wars dolls and keeps them sealed in their package.

I give OB86 a 2.7 because I use decimals like pitchfork!
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