La Marisoul & Quetzal cover "Shoplifters of The World Unite"

Two bands that have each won Grammy's for "Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album" joined together for a community event and performed "Shoplifters of the World Unite". Quetzal winner in 2013 for its release "Imaginaries" (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings). La Santa Cecilia won this week in 2014 for their album 'Treinta Dias'.

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Some days are better than others, but today is a great day to be a Smiths fan. This us so purely enjoyable. I love the audience reaction and how it builds with every note sung.. She owns them after singing the line " shoplifters of the world " the first time. This brilliant cover is a dream for Morrissey. It will definitely put him in a good mood for tomorrow commencement of the new album.


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She is excellent. I saw her with Elvis Costello and The Roots last year and she was en el fuego:

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Boring, she have a plain voice just like all those people from American I-dull, I don't like the fact teen Rigoberta Menchu made a rock song boring
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