Live at the Hollywood Bowl DVD

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Will this every come out? I was looking forward to it so much before Morrissey declined the release. And listening to the bootleg of it makes me want it even more intensely.


I doubt it will ever come out. I was really pissed off this never happened.


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I really lost all hope about this... So I was thinking I better download all the videos from Youtube, I added the audio of the Greatest Hits (disc 2) and make a DvD.


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It's a shame it will probably never happen. I have the audio of the concert on a disc, and it truly is a magnificent show. "Hooray for Hollywood!" :guitar:

joe frady

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There was a review of the DVD appeared in 'Hot Press' magazine around the time of it's proposed release. The reviewer certainly appeared to have seen the footage judging by her review. I tried to e-mail her as to whether she'd actually seen a review copy, or if she knew any more about a new release date, but I got no response.
I would assume that if any promotional copies were produced for review purposes then the video footage would've leaked out somewhere, somehow.


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It really saddens me that there is so little available footage. This is even worse, because it's pro shot and produced, but we probably won't see it. There really isn't enough out there. I mean, I've got my bootlegs and taped segments off of various tv appearances (As well as "Oye," "Who Put the M", "Live in Dallas", "Introducing Morrissey", "Smiths: The Singles", "Paris is Burning", and "These Things Take Time".) but really, it's a damn shame how much hunting around you have to do to get your hands on it. Theres' something about being able to SEE him. Especially, older footage. Oh well..


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It's a shame it will probably never happen. I have the audio of the concert on a disc, and it truly is a magnificent show. "Hooray for Hollywood!" :guitar:

Soundboard or audience recording?


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It's the bootleg provided by Vauxhall95.

I don't think it mentions either way. But I recommend it. It's a very good recording.

Someone narc'd on me and Rapidshare removed ALL my files. I had uploaded 30+ Morrissey/Pulp shows. Swines! Ever since I've been back to work, I haven't had the time to re-up any shows. If someone really wants something, they are welcome to PM me. I'll see what I can do on the weekends. I HATE commuting!


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I'm sure that gig is one of most powerful, but unfourtunely its release - probably - won't happen.

I know, I know I sound like a broken record - but I would have purchased the DVD of the Hollywood Bowl DVD or even a proper CD release. Sadly, Decca released "Swords" which I just cannot bring myself to buy as I own all the tracks already and have been squandering my money on food and heat.


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I was pissed off too when this live DVD did not make it. We just got a live cd we now need a live dvd as some time has passed since Who put the M....
Hopefully in the new year as i do not forsee any new releases in the year to come
Cheers Moz


why not? if people are willing to purchase it, shouldn't that be a good enough reason to put it on the shelves? we should get our voices heard, somehow.


I really enjoy listening to the 9-track CD of the show that came with the Greatest Hits CD. Sounds like a great show, shame it wasn't released on video.


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I really, really, really want to see this "performance" as well.

If some of the proceeds were to go to PETA or Farm Sanctuary or some other animal charity, perhaps it would be worth Morrissey's while to OK the release.

C'mon Morrissey, do it for the little fuzzies (the animals would benefit, too).
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