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Has anyone else found items missing from their Low in High School pre-order from Mporium? All the musical items have arrived but I am missing a t-shirt and a badge. Does anyone know if the orders were sent out in more than one parcel? I don't want to accuse Mporium of missing up my order if it the Royal Mail's fault.


Anyone in the US receive an Mporium package yet? I was just about to write a long response that my package was missing so many items but then I realized that the two clear LP’s that came today must have been from the record/concert ticket bundle from the Hollywood Bowl. I assume that’s what these are for so I guess it’s good that at least these are arriving.


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No shipping notice yet as of Fri 11/24 in the US.

This is my experience as well. I sent a polite e-mail Wednesday morning and no response there, yet. I would normally give them a pass over a holiday, but they ran a freaking "Black Friday" promotion. Frustrating, on the verge of becoming a real shit show (or no-show).


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UPDATE: Confirmation e-mail received today (Saturday) at noon. Fingers crossed for actual delivery.

2ND UPDATE: Arrived today (Tuesday) via US Mail.
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