Matt Johnson ‘Tony: A Soundtrack’ - new album in decade

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With little fanfare, Matt Johnson today released the first new The The since 2000’s NakedSelf: a 24-song soundtrack to the indie serial-killer film “Tony.” Titled, naturally, Tony: A Soundtrack by The The, the album — which has been in the works for at least four years and most recently was supposed to have come out in January — initially is only being sold directly via (you can order here; it’s priced at about $23 USD).
Billed as “volume 1 in the upcoming Cineola series of releases,” the album comes packaged in a 68-page hardback book with photos by Johnson, pictures from the set of “Tony” and notes from the film’s director. Although Johnson hasn’t posted the full tracklist, he’s already aired at least four of the pieces — “The Lust for Unsung Dreams,” “Our Secret Selves,” “Strange Sensations” and “Ultra Violate” — on his monthly Radio Cineola broadcast.



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The The

Does anyone have any info on the new The The album? I have not heard it yet but would like to
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