Maxine Peake & Mike Joyce ('My Dad Keith' - BBC Radio 4, Nov. 28, 2014)


from the Ice Age to the dole age
Maxine Peake is wonderful - warm, funny and direct. I thought she was sinister and eerily convincing playing Myra Hindley in "See No Evil" a few years ago. Strange to imagine her taking drumming lessons from Joyce though.


Cheeky Defendant
"I went over to Mike's house as he has a studio downstairs with a couple of drum kits. He was brilliant; so passionate and such a wonderful teacher. He really made me wake up to the sense that it wasn't about being a brilliant drummer, it was about selling it and performing. In the end, the job didn't go my way but we really got on, so we stayed in touch and we'd go to gigs together."

Doesn't help that quote from the lawsuit about being "lawnmower parts" now does it?
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