Melanie on Morrissey’s cover

Very nice tweet from the legendary singer.

@officialmoz is an artist unlike any other. His voice is something from another age. So honored he performed my song Some Say (I Got Devil) on his new album. I love it and the album is quite special. You should all go listen to the whole thing. #newmusic #morrissey #woodstocklove

UPDATE July 10:

Screenshot of tweet added to Morrissey Central:

Message From Melanie.
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Free speech

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Look what they've done to my brain, ma
Look what they've done to my brain
Well, they picked it like a chicken bone
And I think I'm half insane, ma
Look what they've done to my song

I wish I could find a good book to live in
Wish I could find a good book
Will if I could find a real good book
I'd never have to come out and look at
What they've done to my song

But maybe, it'll all be all right, ma
Maybe, it'll all be okay
Well, if the people are buying tears
I'll be rich someday, ma
Look what they've done to my song


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I just read on Wikipedia played at Glastonbury festival i 1971, and again on the 40th anniversary edition in 2011. The latter also featured Moz. Wonder f they met each other there?


Never heard of this lady, any suggestions on what to listen to on you tube???
Don’t bother. Wait till Old Billy Goat gives a fair well song at Jezzas retirement concert. Tickets will be available soon , free. :thumb::rock::guitar: :ram:



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So according to many here this makes Melanie a racist?

many? o_O

You mean to a handful of loonies that post here? guess they would think that.

But they don’t matter, and they know it too.

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about Ruth
She's "a cool chick" says the leader of the #lowIQ squad. lol
But I wonder if she knows what a libertarian is? The idea of minimum restrictions and people being able to do what they want sounds pretty good until you realize that it would actually just save a lot of paperwork for the billionaires. Libertarianism is for big business.


Notice how she spells her own song correctly (With The Parentheses). Moz, why you ditch them?
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