MEN review of G-MEX gig


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Very good review he deserves it :D


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I've just remembered - on the 22nd someone, in a quiet moment asked Moz for a request - he replied - "Best Friend On The Payroll? BEST FRIEND ON THE PAYROLL? URRRGHHHH!"

It would have been splendid had he done it.



That was me who requested it. :D

The response was - in a heavilly put on Manchester accent - "Best Friend on the Payroll? What's that? We don't know Best Friend on the Payroll."

Good times, good times...


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Completely missed that line I was in a tunnel-visioned frenzy to get a piece of his shirt, when I read about it after I was like :confused: :confused: :confused:
worth it though!

Joe Dolan

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I've not commented before now 'bout the GMEX gigs, but suffice to say - ypu lucky, lucky bastards. Anyhoo, best friend on the payroll - we can but dream. As a Southpaw lover, one of the highlights of this year was reader meet author. the other highlights -drunk as monkeys in the back row of the Opera house balcony, and even worse in the brickhouse afterwards; getting Moz's full shirt on the 2nd night at the Olympia; Rome, Rome, Rome - and a handshake and thank you at the same venue. I blew a kiss at Moz in Glasgow and he reciprocated. And now for the bone of contention -cheers Moz for introducing us to kristeenyoung - I am simultaneously fascinated and infatuated.

I won't even talk about bridgewater hall (short at baldy wanker security prick)

Happy new year to all I've met this year.
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