Morrissey’s China comments


Charles George

He didn’t say anything on that particular issue, what I’m saying is since he said what he said, that has come to light & it perhaps proves he had a good point. Along with the tales of Chinese scientists who tried to flag up COVID this time last year & were ‘disappeared’. I’m just saying he was vilified at the time for making a reasonable point but i don’t see any apology or re-appraisal of his comments in the Guardian.
I agree with what Morrissey says about the animal rights issues. China is still largely Communist. Not sure Morrissey has said that much about the Coronavirus or the lockdowns? It started in China in the wet markets or something like that. Very strange something to with people eating bat soup or snakes. I couldn't eat bats or snakes.

What did Morrissey say about Muslims? There are some Muslims in China not sure how many. China is largely Communist and atheist.
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