Morrissey A-Z: "No One Can Hold a Candle To You"


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I think Boz is the one playing the main jangle riff.
OK, willing to accept that it was a conscious choice then to modify the jangly guitar riff in this case.
I said it because Jesse has not managed to reproduce some of the Johnny's jangly guitars, so it seems that this style just doesn't suit him.

Ben Budd

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One of my favourite Morrissey covers. Love the Peel Session version. I remember being a wide eyed sixth former in 2004 sitting in the library at school listening to a poor quality rip of it on my iPod repeatedly. Memories.


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Today's song is Morrissey's cover of this Maker/Huish composition, a B-side of "I Have Forgiven Jesus" and which Morrissey performed regularly in 2004, appearing on the Who Put the M in Manchester? DVD.

What do we think? (Original version by Raymonde posted above, too.)

Instead of the live effort
Why didn’t you include the b-side from the Jesus single ?

Ben Budd

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yeah the recorded version that's a b-side to ....Jesus is really good. Strange this has been tagged as 'live', but i won't lose sleep over it.

Who performs the lead guitar on the recorded version? I think it might be Boz, as he did it live, and Jesse never performed the song live as it was dropped after the final Lil Barrie gig at Move 04.

I need to get a live, to be honest.
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