Morrissey and George MIchael???!!!


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Hi Kat I have this clip but thanks for sharing



I've seen this clip before too. And it is quite "adoreable".

You have on the right side George Michael from WHAM who have just released the new single "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". And on the left side Morrissey from Smiths who have just released "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now".
Just these two song's has huge differences; both musically and themed.
George is Happy [we think] and Morrissey is Sad [we think].

The contrast continue with their outfit. George Michael wears a light-handed shirt, with his curly hair.
Morrissey on the other hand wears an black blazer "with white dodds". Morrissey's beautiful quiff is black and melancholic.
Completely different personalities in the media; one is "normal" - the other's "morbid".

And the greatest thing is that in real life; George Michael and Morrissey can't be that "aparted in mind".
Both is [we think Morrissey is] either homosexual or bisexual/ or if Morrissey is asexual [celibacy, we don't know]?
Both is charming in their own way.

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Re: how do we see the rest of this morrissey tv gold?

hahaha morrissey`s face is priceless, this video is kind of bizarre,moz next to george michael......hahahaha

kat thanks a lot for sharing :)


the joy division part is still missing (george being a fan, moz not so...much:p)
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