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Selling a bunch of original Morrissey Tour t-shirts from the early '90s, plus a few vintage shirts from the 80s/90s (Smiths, Cure, Echo, Suede).

All of these are original (no repros!) and I've been the only owner.

My wife and I are listing these on eBay under her account, but if you have any questions, you can still submit one through her seller account or here. (just scroll down through the unrelated auctions in her list. :)

Morrissey, Smiths and Britpop vintage/tour shirts
Here's the T-shirt details:
  • Morrissey "Scooter" Your Arsenal Tour - 1992
  • Morrissey "We Hate it.." Arsenal Tour - 1992
  • Morrissey "Charles Richardson" Arsenal Tour (With N. American dates on back) - 1992
  • Morrissey "Edith Sitwell" Kill Uncle Tour - 1991
  • The Cure, European Tour 1986 (with dates)
  • Suede, Longsleeve European Tour (German dates) 1993
  • The Smiths "Hatful of Hollow" '80s
  • The Smiths "I Started Something" '80s
  • The Smiths (debut album cover) in blue '80s
  • Morrissey (Face and name) (I listed this as a "90s" t-shirt.. but it might be 80s.. just a generic picture of a younger Moz with his name in red)
  • Suede "So Young" cover art
  • Echo & The Bunnymen "Songs to Learn & Sing" cover art
  • Johnny Marr (with Stratocaster guitar) 1990
  • Madness (T-shirt from Finsbury Park "Madstock!" reunion show) 1992

Oh, there's also a Madness T-shirt listed in there.. My brother bought this at the Madstock! reunion show in Finsbury park where Moz was asked to play (he only played one date after getting hit with an orange juice carton, iirc). I also have the program for that show, but forgot to list it. If anyone's interested in it, let me know. Otherwise, I might list it in the future.

Xapno Mapcase

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Thanks for the interest Mr.m!

I haven't bought or traded any Moz/Smiths in ages, apart from a few records I sold recently. So, honestly, I wasn't even sure if there'd be any interest in these. But I didn't want to just dump them off at a thrift store. I hope they'll find a good home with a fan.

Only a couple of bids so far, though. Everything is still at 99 cents! :/

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention... after some email requests, I realized I should have put the measurements in the description. All of the auctions have been updated with sizing information now. (armpit to armpit, and collar to bottom seam). Hope this helps.
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