Morrissey does play shows that aren’t sold out


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He played Wollongong near Sydney a couple of years ago and, referring to the venue being nowhere near sold out, said “It’s fine” or “It’s okay”. He also gets paid the agreed fee whether it’s a sell out or not. It’s the promoters that take the risk not the artist. To say he cancels shows that haven’t sold well is bullshit.

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This is mostly true, yes, though contracts with promoters usually have an escape clause [for the promoter] in the unlikely event that tickets sales don't reach a certain threshold, say 50% or 60%. (I'm not saying that is the case with the current cancellation.)

Likewise, contracts are sometimes structured so that the artist gets a "bonus" on top of the standard fee if a show sells out, or at some other threshold (say, 90%+ sold).
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