morrissey frink thread!

hand in glove

Life is never kind...


Quando quando quando

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Víscontí is me...


and the rest; some fresh Fabio finds ~[email protected]/albums/72157645352204379

...looking back {but now it's twelve years on}, possibly the last time Moz was touched by the fickle finger of glamour...?


The name is Bond, James Bond :)
Has there been any man wearing a tuxedo so naturally and comfortably looking in it as Moz?
I don't think so.
He would be the right and only successor to Sean Connery if he had wanted to.
And if they had the smart sense to ask him he would feel flattered even turning it down.
In a way I suppose we were lucky because he decided he couldn't act even if the role suited him like a glove.
But all things considered, we wouldn't have his wonderful music, his voice, his lyrics and his stage-personage.
So I am now going to listen to No Regrets by the Walker Brothers. ;)
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