Morrissey is Musical Trump

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Troubled Joe = Sleepy Joe

Grabbed you by the gilded beams = Grab ‘em by the pussy

Little man, what now? = Liddle’ Adam Schiff

Journalists who lie = Fake news

You have left The Smiths = You’re Fired ™️

This isn’t even taking into account their love of Photoshop, placing inept family members in places of power and influence, obsessively concerned with how they rank in charts/polls, their feelings on illegal immigration, their cool hairdos, etc.

So why don’t you like Trump?

Trump is the best comedian out right now and Morrissey just dropped the best album of 2020. So much crushing
What is there not to like about a pathological liar, a self-confessed sexual harasser, an alleged rapist, an ignorant narcissist, a man known for not paying his contractors, an opportunistic racist, a religious hypocrite and a man with curious fetish for orange make-up that makes him looks like a Cheeto?

Is this a confession?

The Chameleon

For the love of Moz can you delete those damn GIFs in your signature? I get finger sprains scrawling past one of your posts
You can turn off signatures during periods where you're not banned. lol
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