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It's all good
Ahoy all. Clearing some boxes from the attic for a house move, my wife handed me an envelope marked 'Morrissey'. Inside are some original news/press releases, which seem to be from the Your Arsenal/Madstock period. I have no recollection of how or why I got them. In any case, they are all below, and if anyone wants them, for free, send me a PM, and first come first served.



Does that mean you're finally moving to Toddmorden then ?

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:

Aly Panic

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That info is a blast from the past.
I waited all day outside of that Newcastle City Hall gig on 14th December 1992 for an autograph, never got one but I did get a set list off the sound guy from the night or two before from the NEC.


its not me its you.
well done skinny.good to see things like this from time to time.good luck with your house move.
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