Morrissey & Paula at the controls, La Fabrique, Saint-Rémy de Provence, 2019 - Matt Walker IG

Morrissey & Paula at the controls, La Fabrique, Saint-Rémy de Provence, 2019 ~ from Matt Walker's ig...

Morrissey, Paula, Roger Manning La Fabrique en Provence, 2019.jpg

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I agree about the weight but I’ve no room to talk as my one cat is a circle with legs


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I reckon where is California's Son? How can you say that is someone from the back of their head? That does not look like him. That dude's shoulders are too big. I reckon with all these photos of "etteyen studios los fabriq romy in france", I have not seen a single one with the California Son in them. Kind of like a brittish trash newspaper setting up a photo shoot with an impostor that looks like a foreign perv wearing black gloves and a Marfa hat cunt twat tit tossey inn nnn nnn nnnn nnnnnn it.


what a great photo,would be perfectly framed if that persons bunnet wasn't in the shot bottom right.
wee doggy not on a chain.
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Paula is an old lady, don't body shame her.

I read an article about La Fabrique once and it said Moz tried to convince her to go vegan, but she wouldn't do it. The article said roasted chicken is her favourite.

Meat Is Delicious

Snacking on beef jerky and cheese while recording in the studio is one of Moss’ favorite treats. ??


It is MOZ without doubts.
How sweet that photo!!!.
Paulita is a dream , and he is with what he loves the most: animals!!!.
She is monitoring and giving suggestions to MOZ,( notice how she chooses Moz she stays with him.),for the last touches of the great IANADOAC!
Is whitout chains like my Moz!!!.
HOW I WANT THEM!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤☺☺☺?????

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