Morrissey spotted in London?


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Moshi Moshi records have just tweeted "Morrissey's at Old Blue Last?" which is a venue in London - The Drums are playing there tonight, is it possible that Morrissey attended? Anyone from here there?


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Good to know.


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theboygeorge tweeted

Morrissey was at The Drums, we had a poke off. He has a great smile!

joe frady

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I'm old and dumb I know, but can someone please explain what a 'poke off' is?
And why it made Morrissey smile?


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Yes he was indeed there. He must've felt a bit stupid showing up yesterday when he found out that I actually played Old Blue Last the night before! ;)

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The upstairs gig room at the Old Blue Last is tiny as well, so you would have been right next to him if you was lucky enough to go.
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