Morrissey Years Of Refusal Makes List - 150 Worst Albums Made By Men

Quando quando quando

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I know lots of best of and worst of lists are just there to get comments and wind people up but this one was actually tested and verified by musicologists. It's legal proof.

But Calamine, what are you saying now?
You accept the authority and expertise of so-called musicologists and agree now that your appreciation of Kid A by Radiohead was totally wrong, or ignoring the fact it was number 79 on their list?
But you agree when they put in YOR by Moz?
That doesn't make sense to me.

And regarding the undeserved authority you seem to accept from these so-called experts, you realize most of them were not able to create any music of value that hit a nerve with people so they decided to count on being an expert on a matter they don't master themselves?
Legal, is that the all embracing and final word and stops all discussion on this matter, or any matter at all?
I can't believe you are like that.
In any case, you showed to have your own critical views and opinions and you should stick to that!

Calamine Lotion

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Have you seen the panel that decided?
moaning morrisey the worst
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