Morrissey's suit (from 2007 Hollywood Bowl) may be for sale soon

From Tim:

I went to a party last week at the house of a friend of a friend. Hanging in his living room is the suit worn by Morrissey at The Hollywood Bowl in 2007. I had a quick chat with the guy and he mentioned that he was going to be selling it this year as he is moving house. I asked if he minded me taking a few photos and sharing them and he told me that was ok. Enjoy!

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Morrissey appears to have mis-spelled his own name? How legit is this??


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:lbf: My Great-Grandmother had a tablecloth made of remarkably similar material and that's all I've ever been able to see, looking at this suit.


Another lovely wool blend, no doubt.
Probably still has bits of cheese in the breast pocket.


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WTF does "moving house" mean. I reckon there's a good chance there is a CHEEZ-IT in the front pocket. I reckon 2007 was the height of his CHEEZ-IT stage. He was always eating from a box of CHEEZ-IT before a gig in the USA. I thought he was getting residuals from them by showing the box all the time on stage. I reckon me saw him at the Hollywood Palladium when me spent me life savings and took a trip to LA from Hogwartshire United to see him play in his hometown and search for his house and go to The Sunset Marquis and a Dodger game to try and find him.


that twat that worked for the e channel wore the exact same jacket for the Oscars a few months later,he was interviewing actors before they went into the auditorium,looked a big bit better on Morrissey.

If your reading this your an idiot.
It’s an ugly jacket, it was the beginning stages of where he started dressing like fat out of shape and out of work Italian with them ugly designs on his jackets and with an open chested unbottond shirt with weird gaudy neck chains. Morrissey would be on the fashion police the rest of his career because of this type of look.

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